This project was to take all 'NEWWAVE' genres and create our own film using these techniques we have learned from. I had the idea of having my film be in a dream state, using the idea and techniques of 'NEW-HOLLYWOOD' films. I had my character be in a dream/heavenly like area as I wanted this… Continue reading NEW WAVES – EVALUATION



This will be my reflection on both tasks 1 and 2 of the NEW WAVES project. Our first task was to choice as clip from a selection and use the blanks of that clip and film something new to replace it to make the intent of the scene different which is called the Kuleshov effect.… Continue reading NEW WAVES – TASKS REFLECTION

Glow Wild Work Experience – Evaluation

We were given the task to film East Surrey college students who were apart of the Glow Wild project and interview them to learn about what they were doing and what they were learning from this. This was for our work related project where we would learn what kind of projects we could potentially be… Continue reading Glow Wild Work Experience – Evaluation